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Virtual Visit is an interactive 360° viewing system that allows people to freely look around, explore and access relevant information for interior and exterior spaces before they are built.
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Transport potential buyers, design teams, planners and other stakeholders, instantly to a virtual site where they can 'walk' around the future streets, enter properties and feel what it would be like to live there.
  • Photoreal rooms and exterior spaces
  • Show or hide furniture
  • Show views from windows
  • Display measurements of rooms
  • Show alternative room uses
  • Display information points
  • Viewable in VR headsets
  • No software to install
  • Easy to use and control
  • Integrate into website or standalone
  • Cross device capability
  • Link from websites, PPC ads, lists
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Buyer benefits
The only way to explore a development before it's built.
  • Find the perfect home
    Without the guesswork or needing to understand plans
  • Risk free
    See exactly how your home and neighbourhood will look
  • Saves time
    Visit developments and show homes without leaving home
  • Explore your neighbourhood
    Roam around and get a feel for it, before it's built
  • Hassle free
    View properties from work, home or anywhere at anytime
Seller benefits
Take your property to the buyer
  • Launch in the market sooner
    Virtual show home can ‘open’ as soon as designs are ready
  • Save money
    Reduce remedial works by spotting onsite issues beforehand
  • Sell quicker
    Enable buyers to make decisions quicker
  • Increase reach
    Open for viewings 24/7 from anywhere in the world
  • Safe sites
    Allow buyers to tour the site safely and in any weather
A collection of systems designed to deliver relevant and useful information to new home buyers on demand.
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About Us

The pixel sales platform and its component systems have been developed by PIXEL IMAGE Ltd. Pixel have over 20 years’ experience helping more than 2500 property projects to market, across the globe.

The Selector systems have been developed in response to the changing dynamic of the modern home buyer. We believe that buyers want to know more about a property before they connect and make a purchase. The information they seek needs to be accessible whenever and wherever they are.

The selector systems have been designed to deliver property information in a relevant, engaging and intuitive way. Informing buyers and enabling their choices.

Together, Pixel and its property partners, are changing the way property is sold.

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